Double the Wedding, Double the Fun!

You heard that right, a DOUBLE WEDDING! Last month we had the privilege of capturing Lisa and Kayla's double wedding. It wasn't just both sisters getting married on the same day either. They had two separate ceremonies too! One being a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony early in the morning and a Catholic Ceremony in the afternoon, then the reception by the beach. It was a full and eventful day and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share it with them. 


It started very early in the morning, we wanted to get a jump start on the getting ready photos and get a feel for the first location. We were welcomed with open arms even though everyone was running around frantically getting ready for the first ceremony. We do our best to keep a calm, professional demeanor during the day because stress levels are usually high for everyone involved. This wasn't an issue though because everyone was so welcoming and so sweet. The day was overwhelmingly fast paced but also had the sweetest tone to it. You could really tell that both couples loved one another and the atmosphere of support from the family was undeniable. It always does us good to see that kind of love and support come from the families of the bride and groom.  

Something that really stood out to us about this day was at how both couples went above and beyond for us. Making sure we had eaten, that we had water, that we were comfortable. It was genuinely one of the sweetest gestures we've experienced at a wedding. You don't see that too often because of how crazy the day can be for the people involved, which we totally understand, and we never expect anything from our couples because we know we’re the ones serving them, but this family didn't let that get in the way of their giant hearts and showed nothing but gratitude and selflessness towards us. Seriously so awesome! It was a great reminder to extend kindness to those around us, no matter what the circumstances are. If that’s not a great example of love I’m not sure what is. 

Last month's wedding was definitely one for the books: a loving family, kind bridal party, and a ton of knowledge that we can walk away with and grow from. Seeing the family and the Bride and Groom happy with us and the work we put in is one of the big reasons why we do what we do. We strive for excellence because we want to make sure that we've captured the big day in the best light possible, and experiences like these make us want to work even harder. We're honored to work for such wonderful people like these two couples.


-Corey Wingo