What we're about

Since 2009, Takes 2 photography's main goal has been to capture moments, creating lasting relationships with our couples, and growing continuously in our craft. We love moments, and are passionate about telling stories with our images, hoping that above all, you'll remember the joy you felt on your wedding day. 


About Vanessa
Lead Photographer, Owner

Hi there! I'm Vanessa. You'll most likely be communicating with me the most during this journey. I absolutely love photography, obviously, but what I love most about it is that I am challenged by it every single day. Every wedding is a new story I get to tell through my images, and telling yours is the greatest honor I could ever have! I started Takes 2 in 2009, right out of High School, with the vision that it would become an avenue to share my passion with people and include them in the process. In 2016, I was able to share this vision with my other half, Corey. I guess you could say he's alright ;) We both love Jesus. He's our greatest joy and the reason we do what we do. I hope to show you through this passion of ours a fraction of the love and grace that he has shown us. 


About Corey
Second Photographer, Manager

Hi! I'm the husband. Vanessa's second set of eyes, and equipment holder. I actually never thought about photography or everything that my wife was so passionate about until I met her. She has taught me everything I know. Her vision, technical knowledge, and drive are contagious, making me want to share in this passion with her. Our goal together is to facilitate your wedding process as much as possible. We want to earn your trust so that you are able to enjoy every minute of your wedding day while we capture it all. My pass time hobbies include walking our dog, Achilles, JiuJitsu (Which I'm getting Vanessa to do with me) and MMA. So not only will we photograph your wedding, we'll also make sure you're safe (not included in our packages.) ;)